2.400,00 €
Available Paintings

DETAILS: Oil on canvas, size 20x40x1.5 inches - 50x100x4 cm - Sides are painted to match the painting
SUPPORT: gallery canvas, wrapped around the sides and stapled to the back
SIGNATURE: on the side of the painting
ONE OF KIND ARTWORK: supplied with Certificate of Authenticity
SHIPPING: Purchased paintings are dispatched within about 2 working days. Paintings stretched will be carefully packaged and shipped in sturdy, well-protected cardboard boxes. Expect your artwork to arrive with plenty of support packaged in to make its journey as safe as possible from my studio to your home.
In the heart of this canvas, red wine emerges as a vibrant and fiery dancer of fire. Its color, deep and enveloping like twilight, captures both the gaze and the soul with a promise of sensory pleasure.
At the center of the painting, a majestic crystal goblet stands tall. The wine flows in its liquid form like a river of passion. The shades of red are intricate and suggestive, transitioning from an intense ruby in the goblet to a garnet red in the peripheral reflections. The wine appears to be captured in an eternal moment, ready to be savored.
The painting conveys an atmosphere of luxury and indulgence, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the art of red wine. Every brushstroke and nuance has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of passion and complexity that red wine can offer. This painting is an ode to the sensuality and the joy of life that red wine can evoke in anyone who allows themselves to be seduced by its aromas and flavors.

If you need more information about the painting or the shipment or other, please don't hesitate to contact me!