Private collection
DETAILS: Oil on canvas, size 35x35x1.5 inches - 80x80x4 cm - sides are painted to match the painting
SUPPORT: gallery canvas, wrapped around the sides and stapled to the back
SIGNATURE: on the side of the painting
ONE OF KIND ARTWORK: supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

ARTIST COMMENTS: Here, too, light is an important subject, in contrast with the background that enhances its shapes and makes it like a light musical harmony, relaxing and comforting. The work was born almost by chance when my eye fell on the pile of eggs I had thanks to my fruitful hens. From that moment on, I was thinking of nothing but reproducing those perfect shapes and enchanting colors. I love the moment when the shell breaks, its dull noise, to give light to the purest and most uncontaminated thing in the world, the beginning of life. For me, painting is like living that moment, that feeling to the full, immersing myself completely in shapes and colors, letting myself be pervaded by the light that hits them.